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Jeffrey Wine

Benjamin Scott Crocker Professor in Human Biology
Professor of Psychology, Neurosciences and (by courtesy) Pediatrics
Director, Cystic Fibrosis Research Laboratory
Primary Area: 
Office Location: 
Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 450
Office Hours: 
Available by appointment during Spring Quarter.
Office Phone: 
(650) 723-7431
(650) 725-5699
Rittler, Renee'
Research Topics:  ,

Research Summary

The goal is to understand how a defective ion channel leads to the human genetic disease cystic fibrosis. Studies of ion channels and ion transport involved in gland fluid transport. Methods include SSCP mutation detection and DNA sequencing, protein analysis, patch-clamp recording, ion-selective microelectrodes, electrophysiological analyses of transmembrane ion flows, isotopic methods, DIC (Nomarkski) and fluorescence microscopy, optical methods for analysis of fluid secretion by cultured human cells and from intact human tissues obtained after surgery.


Ph.D. Physiological Psychology, University of California Los Angeles, 1971