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Dan Yamins

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Assistant Professor (By Courtesy), Computer Science
Investigator, Stanford Neurosciences Institute
Primary Area: 
Office Location: 
Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 448
Office Phone: 
(650) 725-2417
(650) 725-5699
Cao, Nisa

Research Summary

Our lab's research lies at intersection of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, psychology and large-scale data analysis.  It is founded on two mutually reinforcing hypotheses:
            H1.  By studying how the brain solves computational challenges, we can learn to build better artificial intelligence algorithms. 
            H2.  Through improving artificial intelligence algorithms, we'll discover better models of how the brain works. 
We investigate these hypotheses using techniques from computational modeling and artificial intelligence, high-throughput neurophysiology, functional brain imaging, behavioral psychophysics, and large-scale data analysis.    


Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, 2008