How to Participate in Psychology Research at Stanford

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Participating in studies is a great way to learn about psychology and the current, cutting edge research being conducted in our department at Stanford University. Our research covers a broad range of topics including aggression, social behavior, competitiveness, dreaming, color perception, spatial relations, learning and memory. We encourage people from different backgrounds and perspectives to participate in our studies so we can ensure a rich and complete understanding of these complex issues.

There are many ways to participate in Psychology research here at Stanford. Anyone can participate in a study as a paid participant. If you are enrolled in a Psychology class at Stanford, participation may be a component of your class credit. If you are interested in volunteering in a lab, check out our postings for Student Research Assistants.

Note: We do not offer course credit for participants at other universities. If you are enrolled at Foothill College and are trying to complete your research requirement, please see