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Cognitive Sciences Specialization Track

The Cognitive Sciences specialization track is ideal for students interested in the workings of the mind and the brain, as well as artificial intelligence, design of objects, environments, interfaces, and information, human-computer interaction, language, and eyewitness testimony. The track includes courses in perception, language, cognition, and neuroscience in the Psychology Department, with recommendations for courses in the Computer Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics Departments.

Faculty Advisor: Professor Michael Frank

Track Requirements

Required Course

  • PSYCH 50: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

Elective Psychology Courses

Students must take at least 4 of the following courses:

  • PSYCH 30---Introduction to Perception
  • PSYCH 35---Minds and Machines
  • PSYCH 45---Introduction to Learning and Memory
  • PSYCH 120---Cellular Neuroscience: Cell Signaling and Behavior
  • PSYCH 132---Language and Thought
  • PSYCH 141---Cognitive Development
  • PSYCH 209---Neural Network Models of Cognition
  • BIO 150---Human Behavioral Biology

Approved Outside Courses*

Students must take at least 3 of the following courses:

  • CS 103A---Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • CS 106B---Programming Abstractions
  • CS 109---Introduction to Computer Science (not currently offered)
  • LINGUIST 120---Introduction to Syntax
  • LINGUIST 130A---Introduction to Linguistic Meaning
  • PHIL 80---Mind, Matter, and Meaning
  • PHIL150/250--- Mathematical Logic
  • PHIL 151/251--- Metalogic
  • PHIL 152/252--- Computability and Logic
  • PHIL 181/281---Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 184/284---Epistemology
  • PHIL 186/286---Philosophy of Mind

4 Units of Pre-Professional or Research Experience

Prior approval of a faculty track advisor is required.

1 Advanced Seminar

Prior approval of a faculty track advisor is required.

To declare Cognitive Sciences as your specialization track, please fill out the declaration form, obtain signature approval from a track faculty advisor, and submit the signed form to the Student Services Office (Jordan Hall, room 100).

*The list of outside courses is by no means exhaustive. Students who feel a course falls within the domain of the Cognitive Sciences Track should consult a faculty track advisor for approval.