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Health and Development Specialization Track

The Health and Development specialization track is ideal for students interested in medicine (especially psychiatry or pediatrics), clinical psychology, education (at all levels), or health psychology. The track includes courses and research opportunities in developmental and abnormal psychology, as well as courses in Human Biology, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Education, and Sociology Departments.

Faculty Advisors: Michael Frank, Hyowon Gweon, & Catherine Heaney

Track Requirements

Required Courses

  • PSYCH 60---Introduction to Developmental Psychology
  • PSYCH 90---Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • PSYCH 101---Community Health Psychology

Elective Psychology Courses

Students must take at least 4 of the following courses:

  • PSYCH 45---Introduction to Learning and Memory
  • PSYCH 50---Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
  • PSYCH 70---Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 80---Introduction to Personality and Affective Science
  • PSYCH 95---Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYCH 102---Longevity
  • PSYCH 141---Cognitive Development
  • PSYCH 175---Social Cognition and Learning in Early Childhood

Approved Outside Courses*

Students must take at least 3 of the following courses:

  • BIO 150---Human Behavioral Biology
  • HUMBIO 122---Beyond Health Care: Seeking Health in Society (PEDS 222)
  • HUMBIO 126---Promoting Health over the Life Course: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
  • HUMBIO 129---Critical Issues in International Women's Health
  • HUMBIO 129S---Global Public Health
  • HUMBIO 142---Adolescent Development
  • HUMBIO 142M---Special Topics in Adolescent Mental Health
  • HUMBIO 143---Adolescent Sexuality
  • HUMBIO 144---Boys' Psychosocial Development
  • MED 157---Foundations for Community Health Engagement
  • PEDS 65N---Understanding Children's Health Disparities
  • PEDS 105---Health Promotion and the Campus Culture
  • PEDS 106---Exploring Happiness and Health
  • PEDS 150---Social and Environmental Determinants of Health
  • SOC 152---The Social Determinants of Health
  • SOC 155---The Changing American Family

4 Units of Pre-Professional or Research Experience

  • EDUC 193P---Peer Counseling at the Bridge
  • EDUC 193S---Peer Counseling on Comprehensive Sexual Health
  • PSYCH 146---Observation of Children
  • PSYCH 147---Development in Early Childhood
  • PSYCH 171---Research Seminar on Aging
  • PSYCH 195---Special Laboratory Projects

To declare Health and Development as your specialization track, please fill out the declaration form, obtain signature approval from a track faculty advisor, and submit the signed form to the Student Services Office (Jordan Hall, room 100).

*The list of outside courses is by no means exhaustive. Students who feel a course falls within the domain of the Health and Development Track should consult a faculty track advisor for approval.