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Mind, Culture, and Society Specialization Track

The Mind, Culture, and Society specialization track is ideal for students interested in social or cultural psychology, education, media, business, or law. The track focuses on the mutual constitution of mind, culture, and society, aiming to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how psychological experience is afforded and shaped by the meanings and practices of the significant sociocultural contexts of people's lives. Considerable attention will also be given to how psychological experience perpetuates and reinforces these contexts. The primary emphasis is on contexts created by culture, social structure, race, ethnicity, and gender.

FACULTY ADVISORS: Professors Hazel Markus, Jennifer Eberhardt, and Jeanne Tsai

Track Requirements

Required Courses

  • PSYCH 75* Introduction to Cultural Psychology
  • PSYCH 155: Introduction to Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
  • Research Lab: 1st quarter**                   
  • Research Lab: 2nd quarter**

*If PSYCH 75 is not offered during a reasonable timeframe before graduation, students may substitute EDUC 367 (formerly 292) or PSYCH 217 for this required course. If the substitution is needed, the substitute course may not be double-counted as an elective or approved outside course.

**Students whose faculty advisors are Professor Markus or Professor Eberhardt should register for Psych 183 (Mind, Culture, and Society Research Lab) to fulfill the Research Lab course. Students whose faculty advisor is Professor Tsai should register for Psych 195 (Special Laboratory Projects).

Elective Psychology Courses

Students must take at least 4 of the following courses:

  • PSYCH 8N                    The New Longevity
  • PSYCH 70                     Self and Society: Introduction to Social Psychology
  • PSYCH 101                   Community Health Psychology
  • PSYCH 102                   Longevity
  • PSYCH 138                   Wise Interventions
  • PSYCH 150                   Race & Crime
  • PSYCH 171                   Research Seminar on Aging
  • PSYCH 180                   Social Psychological Approaches to Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • PSYCH 216                   Public Policy and Social Psychology: Implications and Applications
  • PSYCH 217                   Topics and Methods Related to Culture and Emotion

Approved Outside Courses*

Students must take at least 3 of the following courses:

  • AFRICAAM 105             Introduction to African and African American Studies
  • AMSTUD 160                Perspectives on American Identity
  • AMSTUD 261W            Introduction to Asian American History
  • ANTHRO 16                  Native Americans in the 21st Century: Encounters, Identity, & Sovereignty
  • CHILATST 180E           Introduction to Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies
  • CSRE 32                        Theories in Race and Ethnicity: A Comparative Perspective
  • CSRE 45Q                     Understanding Race and Ethnicity in American Society
  • EDUC 112X                  Urban Education
  • EDUC 173                     Gender and Higher Education: National and International Perspectives
  • EDUC 245                     Understanding Racial and Ethnic Identity
  • EDUC 367                     Cultural Psychology
  • FEMGEN 101                Introduction to Feminist Studies
  • FEMGEN 10SC             LGBT History and Culture
  • HISTORY 64                  Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in the American Experience
  • HUMBIO 122S             Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Health
  • HUMBIO 143                Adolescent Sexuality
  • HUMBIO 172B             Children, Youth, and the Law
  • LINGUIST 156              Language and Gender
  • NATIVEAM 115            Introduction to Native American History
  • PHIL 80                         Mind, Matter, and Meaning
  • POLISCI 121L              Racial-Ethnic Plitics in US
  • SOC 142                       Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 149                       The Urban Underclass
  • SOC 155                       The Changing American Family


To declare Mind, Culture, and Society as your specialization track, please fill out the declaration form, obtain signature approval from a track faculty advisor, and submit the signed form to the Student Services Office (Jordan Hall, room 100).

*The list of outside courses is by no means exhaustive. Students who feel a course falls within the domain of the Mind, Culture, and Society Track should consult a faculty track advisor for approval.