Health Check

All members of the Stanford community, including students, faculty, staff, and postdocs, who will be onsite for school or work or who are living onsite at any Stanford location including the historic campus, Redwood City Campus, and SLAC are required to submit an online Health Check each day they plan to be onsite. Effective July 1, faculty, staff, and postdocs who have listed their vaccination date(s) and manufacturer in Health Check and uploaded an image of their documentation on Health Check will no longer be required to make daily submissions.

The Health Check tool allows our community to self-report the presence or absence of symptoms, test results, and exposure to people who may have COVID each day they are coming onsite. The university sends automated email notices to individuals who card access a Stanford building without first completing Health Check.

Stanford's Health Check tool also allows you to view your 30-day reporting history. This feature provides visibility into your Health Check submissions, allowing you to verify your self-reporting history and compare it against any reminder notifications you may receive about submitting your daily health status.

Mobile App Options

The Stanford Mobile app is now available with the Health Check feature, enabling you to conveniently report your daily health status from your iPhone or Android device. The mobile Health Check feature lets you:

  • Access the Health Check tool to report your health status.
  • Display your Onsite Access Badge to confirm that you are cleared to be on campus.
  • Enable notifications reminding you to report your health status before arriving onsite at a Stanford location.