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One-Time, Short-Term, and Occasional Visits

One-Time, Short-Term, and Occasional Visits

Work that can be done at home should continue to be done at home. Any visits to our facilities must be for essential purposes, receive prior approval, and follow required safety protocols. Examples of such visits for which the department can approve include retrieving materials, checking on and repairing equipment, etc. Note that requests to teach from our building are managed via an exception process which requires the Dean's Office approval.

For teaching requests, please submit an online request. For other one-time, short-term, or occasional visits please follow the process described below.

For essential visits to the department other than for teaching or ongoing research purposes, please submit an email request to Harry Bahlman for review, approval, and to schedule your visit. In your request please include:

  • The purpose of your visit
  • A requested date, time, duration, and location including specific room(s)
  • Prior supervisory approval (forward email approval with your request)

Once approved, the next step is completion of a brief, one-time, online training course: COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices (EHS-2470-WEB)

As of June 16, 2021, ORMS will be retired. Health Check will still be required.

If on the day of your scheduled visit you feel sick and are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, you are not permitted to be on campus and will need to reschedule your visit to Stanford.

On the day of your pre-approved visit you must:

  • Report your health status one to two hours in advance of arrival via the online Health Check Tool. Completion of this tool is required each and every day you visit Stanford facilities.
  • Ensure you have submitted a COVID-19 surveillance test as required per your status. Note that advanced registration for the surveillance testing program is required, so please include adequate time to learn about and plan for this step. Please note that testing requirements and processes are different for students than for faculty, staff and postdocs. You may find more information about testing on our COVID-19 Testing page.
  • Be sure to bring your building keys, Stanford ID card, and cell phone. Your ID card will be needed to swipe the card reader for building access and possibly for security purposes. Your phone may be needed to confirm that day's completion of the online Health Check Tool.

During your visit and before building entry, please wear a mandatory face covering and gloves if possible, and/or sanitize or wash your hands before and after accessing the building. You will find hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, and masks by the 1st floor lounge for sanitizing the office/lab after your visit. Upon your departure, please make sure all lab and building doors are closed and locked when you leave. If there is any change to the date or time of your visit, you must notify Harry so that department records can be updated.

If needed, our building manager Harry Bahlman can be reached via cell phone at 650-644-6931.