Steps for Returning to On-Campus Work

  1. At this time, Building 420 is open Monday-Friday from 7am - 7pm; outside these hours, the building is locked and entry is via swiping your ID card. Email bahlman [at] (Harry Bahlman) so that he can add you to the card reader system. In the event your card does not work, you’ll need to upgrade it at the ID Card Office
  2. Complete the brief online COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices (EHS-2470-WEB) training course.
  3. Take appropriate action in the online Health Check Tool. If you are NOT vaccinated or not willing to disclose vaccination status, you will need to complete this every day you come to campus, about one hour before arrival. If you ARE vaccinated and input the data into the Health Check Tool *including* uploading proof of vaccination, then you do not need to submit a daily Health Check. 
  4. Be sure to wear a mask at all times while indoors, except when you are working alone in your office.
  5. Note that parking is enforced, so you’ll need a permit if you’ll be driving.