Kevin Ochsner
Wed June 1st 2022, 3:45 - 4:30pm
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Department of Psychology
450 Jane Stanford Way, Building 420, Room 050 or Zoom (hybrid format). Note the max capacity in room 050 is 36.

Kevin N. Ochsner, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology, Columbia University

Title: From the self to social contexts: Evolving perspectives on emotion and emotion regulation

Abstract: Successfully navigating our complex social world involves at least three abilities: perceiving and interpreting other people’s actions and interactions in our groups, having emotional responses as a consequence of these perceptions and interpretations, and as needed, being able to exert top-down control over all of the above.  This talk will describe the evolution of a general purpose, multi-level, model that helps organize our understanding of the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying these abilities.  Towards that end, the talk will begin with a brief description of the starting point for the model - the study of the self-regulation of emotion - and then will transition into a discussion of how the model can be elaborated to account for perceiving and regulating emotion in social contexts.  The talk concludes by considering broader implications of the model.