Cydney Dupree
Mon May 10th 2021, 11:30am - 1:00pm
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Department of Psychology
Zoom Webinar

Cydney Dupree, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior in the School of Management at Yale University

Title: Crossing Status Divides: Stereotypes, Strategies, and Solutions

Abstract: Intergroup interactions can be difficult, particularly those that occur between members of traditionally high-status and low-status groups. Well-intentioned majorities (i.e., White liberals) may find themselves unintentionally contributing to this problem by engaging in well-meaning, but ultimately patronizing, verbal behavior. Racial minorities who are more supportive of inequality (i.e., Black or Latinx conservatives) may give themselves a leg up by reversing stereotypes through speech. In this talk, I present a series of studies that examine how White Americans and racial minorities reverse negative stereotypes via language—potentially impacting who gets along and who gets ahead in an increasingly diverse world.