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Colloquium Lightning Talks

October 5, 2020 - 11:30am

We are excited to share our Lightning Talks for the colloquium this year. This format is designed to give our graduate students and post-docs an opportunity to present their research, allow us all to learn more about research going on in different areas of the department, and to facilitate cross-area collaborations.

Each speaker will have 10 minutes plus an additional 3-5 minutes for questions.


Loreen Tisdall, Postdoc working with Brian Knutson (Affective)

The structure of white-matter connections from the anterior insula to the nucleus accumbens predicts relapse to stimulant drug use

Loreen Tisdall, Kelly MacNiven, Josiah Leong & Brian Knutson


Zach Davis, Postdoc working with Tobi Gerstenberg (Cognitive)

Learning and Controlling Dynamic Systems

Zach Davis, Neil Bramley, and Bob Rehder


Isabelle Tay, PhD student (Education) working with Geoffrey Cohen (Social)

Improving Psychological Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Isabelle Q. Tay, Geoffrey L. Cohen


Andrew Nam, PhD student working with Jay McClelland (Cognitive)

Understanding and modeling human systematic generalization through neural networks

Andrew Nam, Jay McClelland


Matilde Vaghi, Postdoc working with Russell Poldrack (Cognitive)

Executive functions and frontostriatal connectivity in relation to compulsivity