Fri February 25th 2022, 3:15 - 4:30pm
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Department of Psychology
Building 420
Kendrick KayAssistant Professor at University of Minnesota.

TitleThe Natural Scenes Dataset: rationale, methods development, and scientific applications

Abstract: OIn this talk, I will describe a freely available large-scale 7T fMRI dataset, termed the Natural Scenes Dataset (NSD). In NSD, whole-brain BOLD responses (1.8 mm, 1.6 s) were measured while each of 8 participants viewed 9,000-10,000 distinct color natural scenes (22,500-30,000 trials) over the course of 30-40 scan sessions. To optimally process these unique data, we developed several novel denoising and estimation techniques, which can be applied to other experiments to improve signal-to-noise ratio. I will provide previews of how we and our collaborators are using NSD to address specific scientific questions. Finally, I hope to seed discussion of big-picture issues and a broader consideration of the relevance of NSD (and other like-minded datasets) for advancing cognition and neuroscience.

You can find this information on the talk here.