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Sep 9 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News, Students
Natalia Vélez, a psychology PhD student who began sketching during academic talks a year ago, has earned the nickname “The Science Sketcher” for her work, which will begin appearing regularly in the Stanford Psychology Newsletter in the 2019-20 academic year. BY KATHLEEN J. SULLIVAN In high...
Sep 3 2019 | Vox | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
Stanford psychology professor Jennifer Eberhardt, the author of Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do, says Nextdoor reduced racial profiling by 75 percent by introducing a tiny bit of friction for users. By Eric Johnson@HeyHeyESJ  
Aug 22 2019 | The Washington Post | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
Why haven’t we stopped climate change? We’re not wired to empathize with our descendants.
Aug 12 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the News, Staff
In their evaluations of high-performing venture capital funds, professional investors rate white-led teams more favorably than they do black-led teams with identical credentials, a new Stanford study finds. BY MELISSA DE WITTE When a black-led venture capital firm has an impressive track...
Aug 7 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
A new national study, co-authored by Stanford scholars, shows that high school students who took a course to cultivate positive beliefs about learning earned higher grades and took more challenging classes. BY MELISSA DE WITTE