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Jul 18 2018 | The Stanford Daily | Posted In: Faculty, In the News, Students
Under faculty guidance, psych majors participate in academic work Stanford psychology majors are collaborating with department faculty in research projects on topics including empathy’s role in the criminal justice system, cystic fibrosis and cross-cultural understanding of well-being.
Jul 16 2018 | Newsweek | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
A job search can stir plenty of anxious emotions, and how those emotions surface during a job interview could make or break your chances of getting hired. Psychology researchers at Stanford University found that job applicants who wanted to appear calm and collected might be at a disadvantage,...
Jul 12 2018 | The Stanford Daily | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
Growth mindsets lead to developing current passions; fixed mentalities lead to searching for new ones Stanford researchers Carol Dweck and Gregory Walton, among other scholars, recently published “Implicit Theories of Interest: Finding Your Passion or Developing It?” The study suggests that...
Jul 10 2018 | Stanford Report | Posted In: Faculty, In the News, Students
New Stanford research shows that sentences that frame one gender as the standard for the other can unintentionally perpetuate biases. By Alex Shashkevich While saying “girls are as good as boys at math” is meant as encouragement, it can unfortunately backfire.
Jul 9 2018 | Association for Psychological Science | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty
Barbara Tversky studied cognitive psychology at the University of Michigan. She held positions first at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and then at Stanford, from 1978-2005 when she took early retirement. She is an active Emerita Professor of Psychology at Stanford and Professor of Psychology at...