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Jul 20 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
When a Tunisian-born man drove a 19-ton rented truck into a crowd of revelers celebrating France’s national holiday in the Mediterranean town of Nice last week, killing 84 people and injuring hundreds more, it was a deadly new example of an old terrorist tactic of turning vehicles into weapons,...
Jul 19 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
Knowledge is the first step toward bringing police agencies and communities closer together, a Stanford scholar says. With police shootings and law enforcement officers themselves under attack in recent weeks, Stanford psychologist Jennifer Eberhardt said society needs to fully consider the data on...
Jul 15 2016 | Stanford News | Posted In: Awards, In the News, Students
Thirty-five graduating seniors were recognized recently for their outstanding thesis projects. They are recipients of the 2016 Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts; and the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis...
Jun 27 2016 | KQED Arts | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
Because of VR’s immersive properties, some people describe the medium as “the ultimate empathy machine.” But can it make people care about something as fraught and multi-faceted as homelessness? A study in progress at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab explores that question.
Jun 24 2016 | NPR | Posted In: In the News
Podcast: We like to think of our own personalities, and those of our family and friends as predictable, constant over time. But what if they aren't? What if nothing stays constant over a lifetime?