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2018 JSMF Understanding Human Cognition Scholar Awards - Hyowon Gweon

Jul 19 2018

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Congratulations to Hyowon Gweon! The James S. McDonnell Foundation Board of Directors met July 19 and approved funding of her application titled “Cognitive Foundations of Distinctively Human Social Learning” submitted to the 2018 JSMF Understanding Human Cognition Scholar Awards program.


For more than two decades, the James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF) has supported both basic and applied research in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology and cognitive science through targeted initiatives. In 2010, JSMF announced new guidelines for its Scholar Awards in Understanding Human Cognition program. With these new guidelines the Foundation is re-emphasizing the central role of cognitive psychology in advancing the understanding of neural and cognitive bases of behavior. JSMF is also re-iterating its commitment to research applying cognitive principles to problems in teaching, learning, and recovery from brain injuries.

Each year JSMF makes a small number of research awards in each one of its programmatic topic areas. In the past, JSMF has relied on an institutionally sponsored, investigator-initiated, and peer-reviewed proposal process. In light of the continual growth of the research in and the funding for the neural and cognitive sciences, JSMF has come to the conclusion that using other philanthropic approaches could be better for identifying the relatively small number of investigators and ideas best suited to JSMF’s philanthropic investment. The Foundation is trying what is, for JSMF, a novel way of soliciting applications.