Chiara Gasteiger

Chiara Gasteiger
Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Auckland (2023)
Master of Health Psychology, University of Auckland (2019)
Chiara Gasteiger, P.h.D. is a SPARQ Postdoctoral Scholar in the Mind & Body Lab, led by Associate Professor Alia Crum. Chiara's doctoral thesis explored how the transition to biosimilars can be improved, with a focus on optimising patient-practitioner communication and the involvement of companions (support people).

Chiara’s research aims to understand how the social environment influences the development of mindsets and how psycho-social forces can be harnessed to optimise people's mindsets about illness and improve health outcomes. She is also interested in understanding how changes in subjective mindsets can alter physiological mechanisms. Her other academic interests include patient-practitioner communication, patient expectations, funding and resource allocation in health and understanding how patients utilise social networks to cope with, manage and make sense of their illness.

Chiara is not currently available to supervise graduate students. Please contact the Mind & Body Lab manager, Jesse Barrera, for enquires about joining the lab.


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