Kevin Paul Madore

Kevin Paul Madore
Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University (2017)
Master of Arts, Harvard University (2013)
Bachelor of Arts, Middlebury College (2011)
Background and Research:

I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology at Stanford with Anthony Wagner and funded by an extramural NRSA F32 from NIA. My K99/R00 from NINDS has also recently been funded. I received a PhD in Psychology at Harvard with Dan Schacter in 2017 where I was extramurally funded by the Beinecke Scholarship and Sackler Psychobiology Program, and a BA in Psychology and History from Middlebury College in 2011.

My research program focuses on memory preparedness, or what can be conceptualized as 'readiness to remember'. Preparatory processes at play before we engage in remembering may affect whether and how we remember. I take a three-pronged approach to this topic, examining effects within the individual, between individuals, and between groups. With basic science and translational science aims, my research addresses the following questions using a combination of behavioral (task and survey), eyetracking (pupillometry and gaze), and neural (EEG, fMRI, concurrent EEG-fMRI, TMS) methods:

1) How do preparatory processes in the moment and minutes before remembering impact memory?
2) How do these preparatory processes impact functions of memory, such as prospection and creativity?
3) How do individual differences in preparatory processes relate to memory ability?
4) How do preparatory processes contribute to age-related memory change?
5) How does engagement with the modern media landscape relate to preparatory processes and memory?

Updates and News:

Fall 2021: My K99/R00 grant from NINDS on neurocomputational mechanisms of attention, goals, and memory has been funded. My training goals are to learn and execute computational modeling and bioengineered closed-loop task designs.

Fall 2020: My postdoc work on attention, goals, memory, and media multitasking is now published at Nature.


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