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Psychology supports a multiple mentorship model for advising. Within the department, students have the following advisors:

Faculty Major Advisor

Students must have a faculty advisor in order to declare the major. Major advising includes:

  • Students must meet with faculty advisor at least once, when they originally declare the major. This meeting is a discussion of the student's interests and plan for completing a psychology major
  • Under the faculty's guidance, students draft an intended course of study to complete the major requirements.
  • Major advisors are responsible for approving student requests to count outside units towards the Psychology major.

When you are ready to declare a major in Psychology, please reach out to faculty that you would like to ask to be your major advisor. If you have trouble securing an advisor, please contact our Student Services Officer.

Student Services Officer

The Student Services Officer (SSO) is the member of staff charged with supporting undergraduate majors and minors. The SSO tracks degree progress to ensure that students graduate in a timely fashion. The SSO also supports our Peer Advisor program and the Stanford Undergraduate Psychological Association (SUPA).

Our current Student Services Officer is Andrea Sims. You can reach Andrea at asims [at] (asims[at]stanford[dot]edu) or stop by the Student Services Office in room 100 of Building 420 on the Main Quad during business hours.

PsychConnect Peer Advisors

Peer advisors are advanced undergraduate majors who are available to answer questions about the psychology major. They hold regular office hours in Building 420 on the Main Quad. Please visit the Peer Advising page for more information including advisor bios and office hours.

Psychology Department Faculty, Staff, and Students

Over the course of your time in our department, you will interact with many other faculty, staff, and students. While they carry no formal "advisor" title, any of these members of our community might provide you with valuable insights about your academic journey.

Psychology Department advising is supplemented by support from Undergraduate Advising Directors (UAD) and many other potential advisors. We encourage our students to reach out to advisors and mentors from across the University to develop a robust support network.