How to Declare

Declaring the Major

1. Select a potential Faculty Advisor
Only faculty members with appointments in Psychology are eligible (this does not include courtesy appointments)

Make a selection from the list of active faculty. When choosing your advisor:

2. Visit the Student Services Office if you still need help choosing an advisor.
Bldg 420 on the Main Quad, Room 100 to talk to staff and/or PsychConnect peer advisors.
3. Contact your potential faculty advisor to set up an appointment.
If the faculty advisor is unavailable, you can revisit the list and contact another potential advisor.
4. Fill out the Major Declaration Form prior to meeting with your potential advisor
- and be sure to bring the form with you!

This meeting typically consists of reviewing what you have written on your Major Declaration Form, as well as a discussion of your academic and career goals.


5. Submit your form

Once you have met with your Faculty Advisor and your declaration form has been signed, submit it to the Student Services Office (or email to asims [at] (asims[at]stanford[dot]edu)) and declare the Psychology major on Axess. 

Declaring the Minor

1. Declare the Psychology minor on AXESS
2. Fill out the Minor Declaration Form.

Submit your completed Minor Declaration Form to the Psychology Student Services Office in Bldg 420 on the Main Quad, Room 100 (or email to asims [at] (asims[at]stanford[dot]ed)u).

3. Complete the Major-Minor Course Approval Form
by the Final Study List Deadline of the quarter in which you'll graduate

Submit the Major-Minor Course Approval Form to the Registrar via the eForms portal accessible on Axess.