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Jan 8 2021 | STANFORD MAGAZINE | Posted In: In the News, Students
All that info you put in your noggin isn’t much good if you can’t pull it back out. Try these 3 tips for boosting your recall. by Summer Moore Batte You know the answer. You know you know the answer. But you Just. Can’t. Remember.
Dec 18 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News, Students
Kari Leibowitz’s research about wintertime mindsets in Norway found that positive beliefs and attitudes can make a big difference to overall well-being during dark winter months. BY MELISSA DE WITTE As people brace themselves for a long winter of cold weather, short days and COVID-19 lockdowns...
Dec 7 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: Awards, Faculty, In the News
STACY PEÑA December 7, 2020 Today Stanford HAI announced it has awarded more than $2.5 million dollars in seed grants to fund interdisciplinary artificial intelligence (AI) research at Stanford University that aims to improve the human condition. This is the third year HAI has distributed seed...
Nov 30 2020 | Stanford News | Posted In: In the News, Students
Stanford researchers studied five- to eight-month-old babies and found that caregivers’ speech is associated with activation in brain regions that are involved in language comprehension. BY VIGNESH RAMACHANDRAN While babies aren’t known for being great conversationalists, talking to them can still...
Nov 23 2020 | Bloomberg Businessweek | Posted In: Faculty, In the News
 People confronted with many options might freeze up and choose none.