Linguistics Colloquium and Psychology CogNeuro “FriSem”

Fri April 5th 2024, 2:00 - 5:00pm

A special joint seminar on language processing: The Linguistics Colloquium and Psychology CogNeuro “FriSem” programming.

We will hear from language researchers from Stanford and neighboring institutions who study language processing from a range of different perspectives, for a range of different purposes. This will be a wonderful opportunity for fun discussion and fruitful exchange of ideas across disciplines!

 Keynote speaker Professor Jay McClelland, Stanford University

The case for TRACE in the Deep Learning Era: Could a 40 year-old model of spoken language perception still be relevant today?

Lightning talks

▸Erin Kunz & Benyamin Meschede-Krasa, Stanford University, "Representation of perceived & inner speech in motor cortex"

▸Maria Ivanova, UC Berkeley, "Cognitive & neural mechanisms of impairment & recovery in aphasia"

▸Lily Xue Gong, UC Berkeley, "Phonemic segmentation of speech in human cortex"

▸Nora Beier, UC Davis, "Temporal attention in language comprehension"

▸Yizhen Zhang, UCSF, "Word extraction in human speech cortex"

▸Julie Kallini, Stanford University, "Mission: Impossible language models"

Happy hour reception to follow!